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Agriculture is a profession of opportunity that afford you the opportunity to feed yourself, feed your family and if practiced in large scale, feed a number of people in the world.
By studying Agriculture here in our highly esteemed citadel of learning, you will be engraved among those that will become the next generation of Billionaires.
With our Diploma Certificate, you can further your education in Higher National Diploma or Direct Entry into any University of your choice in Nigeria and beyond.
You could as well start-up own business and be a boss of yourself with access to our Alumni network and partner industries through which you could get necessary connection. Don’t hesitate to apply into our Institution for your Diploma or Vocational courses.

Importance of Agriculture

Importance of Agriculture cannot be overemphasized, some of the notable importance include:
  1. Provision of food for people and animals.
  2. Provision of raw materials for industries.
  3. Creation of job employment.
  4. Income generation for Agriculture practitioners.
  5. Provision of facilities for recreation and tourism.
  6. Provision of market for industrial goods like; Farm Machinery, Inorganic Fertilizer, etc.
  7. Sources of foreign exchange earnings. Etc.

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